About Us

testlabz.com is an online testing service, developed by Edulabz International, a fast growing Online Educational Media Content Development Company. Our mission is to provide an online platform to the school going students to help them assess their academic progress regularly.

testlabz.com is web-based testing platform that helps students from classes 3 to 10, to do a periodic self-assessment of their academic progress, through our well-designed testing modules in Mathematics and Science. It helps students to identify their strengths and weaknesses much before they face the actual exams in their school curriculum.

The tests are specifically designed to help students build their concepts, develop a rational approach to problems and strengthen their logical and analytical skills. The test modules developed by testlabz consist of multiple-choice questions that are diagnostic in nature and thus help students to improve their learning process through a systematic approach which involves concept building, regular assessment and eventually help students build a strong foundation, on which they can plan their future careers.
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